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Business Overview

Japanese Leading original retail food brands group and franchisor

It has been 51 years since our establishment. Looking back to our path, it was not smooth sailing from the beginning. Frankly speaking, rough times last quite a long period. Throughout our past history, we have thrown and given away many things, and re-started from a franchisee. Although we have made many mistakes, we learned the valuable know-how and this knowledge is now our greatest treasure. Our challenging is the challenge, not ridiculous behavior. We tasted franchised chain restaurants nationwide before we finally chose “PIETRO”Spaghetti Restaurant in Fukuoka as our first chain brand. As soon as we decided to include PIETRO in our project, our president travelled to Fukuoka to attend branch training. He insisted to be a role model to lead his staffs.
In this way, our vision is based on thorough research report and concrete plans.

  • Bikkuri Donkey

    Hamburg and steak

    Bikkuri Donkey

    “Offering extra tasty burger and steak with reasonable price. Safety ingredient is no compromised”
    This concept is the key for us to join.

  • Youmenya Pietro



    We tasted franchised chain restaurants nationwide. Our president attended branch training program and opened as our first restaurant.

  • Kangeki Tanuki



    Our original brand. Head store locates at Shinzai-bashi , and we are going to expand our chain store nationwide.

  • Takagiudon


    Takagi Udon

    We have fully confident in the chewing texture of “Sanuki Udon” ; hand-made noodle without additives and synthetic seasoning.
    This is our original brand and opened especially in Food Courts.

  • Marugen Ramen


    Marugen Ramen

    Introducing the ultimate Shoyu-Ramen (soy source based ramen).
    This brand has been keeping from 2001 of tradition. In 2009, we attended this franchise chain.

  • DonDonDown on Wednesday

    Old clothes

    DonDonDown on Wednesday

    A second hand /recycled clothes shop.
    Respecting its name, in this shop, the prices of clothes go down lower and lower on every Wednesday.

  • Tonkotsukazan Ramen


    Tonkotsu kazan

    Tonkotsu Kazan originates from Osaka, Japan.
    Tonkotshu Kazan makes use of the best ingredients and simmers these ingredients for a long time to obtain the pork broth, which is usedin their ramen.
    Their signature dish is the Ishiyaki Ramen (hot stone roast ramen).

  • DOUTOR Coffee shop


    DOUTOR coffee shop

    Time for you to entrust the hard work to someone else.
    We use only the freshest coffee beans roasted over an open fire to perfection.
    Feeling hungry? Try our German hot dog and Milano sandwich, amongst many other food options.

  • belle-ville



    We are proud of our pancake selections.
    Layer by layer, handmade meringue is stacked and baked lovingly to create this signature pancake dish.
    Only the freshest milk from Sennan, Osaka, is used. This is our assurance of only the most excellent, top grade ingredients.

  • Hakata Motsunabe Yamaya


    Hakata Motsunabe Yamaya

    The famous Motsunabe store, “Yamaya” is known for its salted cod roe with red peppe r pot.
    The complementing burdock and offal in a hot pot tastes like heaven on earth.

  • Hakata Tonkatsu Anzu shokudo


    Hakata Tonkatsu Anzu shokudo

    We bring to you delicacies that will touch your heart, through our consistency in choosing the highest quality of ingredients in putting together the most wondrous taste.

  • Chateraise



    This brand has expanded to Singapore. We make sweets with fresh, safe and secure ingredients, without additives, colouring or stabilizers.
    Each item is very affordable with high quality.