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Sharing prime time with our customers to serve Super hospitality, that is our pride and common sense to provide safe products and safe consciousness with superior quality.
Utility to make just profit, for our customer satisfaction, company development and employee satisfaction, prosperity of our partners and contribution to the society.
Noble spirit of entrepreneur that we must get into our mind, and then we can discover that meaning of life is amazing and full of unlimited possibility that is unknown.

Action Plans

  1. 1

    Have honest mind so that we can be impressed by ourselves.
    If we are not deeply moved, we cannot impress other people.
  2. 2

    Enjoy your daily work and never forget the mind to play.
    If you do not enjoy your daily work you cannot provide your customers fun.
  3. 3

    Never say and never to be said: " I cannot do it ".
    Thinking of " How can I do it ". That is our business approach.
  4. 4

    Take care that the usual way of yesterday will be unusual way of today and unusual way of today will be usual way of future. Following original way could lead to failure.
    Do self‐innovation using critical mind; always challenge ourselves bravely.
  5. 5

    Follow the cycle for strategy: "What is Goal, What is Plan, How to Do, Check Result and How to After-Action Review".
    Acting without a goal equals a ship making a voyage without compass.
  6. 6

    Show numbers if you want your performance to be evaluated.
    You will not receive promotion without the strong performance. This is the normal way in the world.
  7. 7

    Put conscience before profits; this is our standard for judgment.
    There is no value for existence when we lose our sense of conscience.
  8. 8

    SOROBAN in your right hand and ROMAN in your left hand.
    You will be a money slave without dream while without logic it will be a fantasy.
  9. 9

    Sustainability is strength. Our business must keep going steady with efforts day by day.
    There is no easy road for the success of a great business.
  10. 10

    Never forget the mind of thanks and humility for when you were sent into the world.
    Pride will have a fall.